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March 7th 1944: born Fort Worth Texas


ĎYouíve gotta move.í


December 25th 1956: first guitar


'I gotta guitar all my own

I gotta quarter for the telephone

I ain't headed down this highway all alone'


March 14th Ė June 19th 1964: Insulin and Electro-Shock Therapy - Titus Harris Clinic


'Everything is not enough

Nothing is to much to bear

Where you been is good and gone

All you keep is the getting there.'


August 26th 1965: Townes and Fran Petters married


'Time shes a fast old train

Shes here then shes gone

And she wont come again

Wont you take my hand'


January 1st 1966: Harris Van Zandt dies of a heart attack age 52


'You built your tower strong and tall

Can't you see its got to fall some day'


April 11th 1969: John Townes Van Zandt born


'The poets are demanding their pay

They've left me with nothin to say'


January 16th 1970: Townes and Fran divorced


'When will she see

That to gain

Is only to lose

All that she offers me

Are her chains,

I got to refuse'


October 4th 1970: Janis Joplin dies


'Lay down your head poor boy

Feel how the ground does move

Hear how them drivers sing

What now my darling one

Go find a little fun

You are not needed now'


Summer 1971: Leslie Jo murdered


'Snow dont fall on summers time

Wind dont blow below the sea

My loves lies neath frozen skies

And waits in sweet repose for me'


Fall 1971: heroine overdose


'Stars hang high above the oceans roar

The moon is come to lead me to her door

Theres crystal across the sand and the waves they take my hand.

Soon Im gonna see my sweet Kathleen. '


1975: Clarkesville, Cindy Sue Morgan, Heartworn Highways and heroine


'My days they are the highway kind

They only come to leave

But the leavin' I dont mind

It's the comin' that I crave.

Pour the sun upon the ground

Stand to throw a shadow

Watch it grow into a night

And fill the spinnin sky'


1976: Houston dumpsters and alchohol poisoning


'Ride the blue wind high and free

She'll lead you down through misery

Leave you low come time to go

Alone and low as low can be'


1977: Cindy and Townes move to Nashville. John Lomax 111


'Goodbye to all my friends

It's time to go again

Think of all the poetry

And the pickin' down the line'


1979: Townes and Cindy married


'Well it's bad news from Houston

Half my friends are dying

Well it's bad news from Houston

Half my friends are dying

White freight liner

Wont you steal away my mind'


1979: winters on the road, summers in the Colorado mountains.


'Tomorrow the mountains will be sleeping

Silently the blanket green and blue

And I shall hear the silence they are keeping

Ill bring all their promises to you'


1979: Cindys gone


'Loretta I wont be gone long

Keep your dancing slippers on

Keep me on your mind a while

Iím comin' home Iím comin' home.'


1980: return to Austin


'I'm gonna lay my trouble on a railroad track

I'm gonna ride I ain't lookin' back

I tried to stop but I can't unpack

Go to sleep with the clickety-clack

The big ol' wheels and the smokin' stack

Babe I'm bound to go

I got trouble in my soul

I got trouble trouble in my soul'


March 14th 1983: Townes and Jeanene married


'All the things I've seen

And the places that I've been

Don't mean a thing since I found you

All that matters now

Since I've won your love somehow

Are these plans that I keep makin'

Not to lose you'


March 24th 1983: William Vincent Van Zandt born


'All God's children need a little spring'


September 1983: Dorothy Van Zandt dies


ĎBy those same stars above you

I swear that I love you

You are my pretty frauleiní


February 1st 1989: Blaze Foley dies


'Chained upon the face of time

Feelin' full of foolish rhymne

There ain't no dark till something shines

Iím bound to leave this dark behind'


February 14th 1992: Katie Belle Van Zandt born


'Dream pretty dreams

Touch beautiful things

Let all the skies surround you

Swim with the swans

And believe that upon

Some glorious dawn

Love will find you'


January 1st 1997: Townes Van Zandt dies of a heart attack age 52


'Jesus was an only son

And love his only concept

Strangers cry in foreign tongues

And dirty up the doorstep

And I for one and you for two

Ain't got the time for outside

Just keep your injured looks to you

We'll tell the world that we tried'


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