Townes Van Zandt, live at The Union Chapel, London



'Sometimes I think there all just waitin' for me to die and then something is gonna happen.'


Fifteen years ago on Sunday 24th April 1994, in a leafless corner of north London, one thousand people came to see this legendary artist sing a selection of the greatest contemporary folk songs ever written.


“It was a triumph musically, with Townes on stunning form….on this night Townes was in total control of everything and everyone. His playing and singing were exemplary and the beauty of the songs struck right to the heart of everyone in the audience” Michael Weston King

Dead&Alive is a true film recording of that night. Everything he played, everything he said, from the first note to the last. As a songwriter and a folksinger, Townes was always happiest on the road, playing live, telling stories and connecting with people, whether it was ‘ten winos’ in downtown Dallas or a full house in Dublin, it made no difference. At the same venue, on the same stage, this show is a chance for his fans to see Townes doing what he did best, what his mother always told him to do...'just play'

Sadly there are two major differences, this time we know he's going to show up and this time we know he's going to deliver.


Townes Van Zandt - Dead & Alive Press Release